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What Is This Book About?

Cracking the Amazon Code: The Ultimate Amazon Selling Strategy is not just another “how to” book about selling on Amazon.

It is not a book to put on your shelf to collect dust.
It is a step-by-step guide to unlocking the secret to Amazon sales success . . .
and it could change your life.
In this book, Amazon Queen Becky Thames shares how she started her ecommerce business from nothing and overcame hardships and failures to make more than $1.3 million in sales on Amazon part time! 
You’ll learn how she used the time-tested, classic 4 P’s marketing mix to crack the Amazon code her way:
  1.  Right Product: Choose the right product, something that sells!
  2. Right Place: Source your products from high-quality suppliers.
  3.  Right Price: Buy low, sell high!
  4.  Right Promotion: Make sure your product is on page one of Amazon by using the right search keywords.
Becky shows you how to use the code to unlock your sales potential on Amazon. Whether you are a novice or have sold on Amazon before, Cracking the Amazon Code answers your questions to help you succeed. 
Becky breaks down each portion of the code, giving you insight from a successful seller’s perspective on how to make the code work for you.
This book packs a punch and can have you making sales in no time.

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The Simple 4-Step Formula That Took Me from A New Amazon Seller with No Experience to Top Rated Amazon Ecommerce Specialist with More Than $1.3 Million In Sales Working Part-Time from The Comfort of My Home…

…And How You Can Use It Too to Build Your Own Online Business Without Any Amazon Selling Experience or Technical Knowledge at All…!!!

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YES! Show Me How To Crack The Amazon Code!

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
You will find the answer to the biggest questions every Amazon seller has...


PRODUCT:​ How to find the right product to sell (I will give you a formula for finding the right products every time).  How to make sure your products follow Amazon’s product guidelines to never have your products rejected. 


PRICE:​How to price your products? How to set a sales price for your products? How much does it cost to sell on Amazon? Six profitable business models for Amazon sellers that you can start today!

PLACE:​ Where to source your products from?  How to find the best manufacturers. How to communicate effectively with suppliers (tips on getting the lowest price for their products)



PROMOTION:​ What is the most effective way to promote your products?  Making Amazon listings the right way (and getting more people to see them) How to create keywords in campaign managers?


YES! Show Me How To Crack The Amazon Code!

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Let’s change that.
As a bonus, you will also find details about my complete journey of 
becoming a successful Amazon seller and lessons that I have learned along the way…
This includes:
 Details about how and why I started
 Why I chose Amazon and why you should too
 How I started making more profits
 What lessons I learned along the way that fueled my success
 How I cracked the code of selling on Amazon
…. And a lot more
YES! Show Me How To Crack The Amazon Code!